About Ms. Joyce Pendants

Ms. Joyce holding a carnelian pendantMy name is A.D. Joyce. I make wire-wrapped jewelry using healing crystal stones. You can purchase my jewelry at my store on Etsy.com.

I’m also a tarot reader, energy balancing practitioner, poet, and freelance writer. In other words, being creative is a way of life for me!

Using healing crystals to make pendants brings joy to my life. I like to use tumbled stones because each one has a unique shape. All my pendants are different from each other in some way. Every pendant is one-of-a-kind.

On this website, I showcase my pendants, which can be purchased at my shop at Etsy.com. In addition, I give information about the energies that flow through the crystal stones. I think the various energies guide me when I design the pendants.

Whether you are simply looking for beautiful handmade jewelry or if you are looking for a specific crystal that is beautifully wire wrapped, I hope that you find a pendant that calls out to you.

Jewerly making toolsHave fun!