Root Chakra

72303d9138b744537f3d48ad7c4ab058The root chakra is an energy center located in the base of the spine. The body parts associated with the root chakra include the perineum, anus, large intestine, adrenal glands, back, leg, feet, and bones. While the root chakra is traditionally associated with the color red, both red and black healing crystals can help balance the energy of the root chakra. Bloodstone (which has spots of red hematite), garnet, and black hematite are root chakra stones. Labradorite crystals, which contain many colors on the spectrum, are also thought to affect the root chakra and other chakras, as well.

The root chakra connects our physical bodies with the earth. It is related to our basic survival instinct, our confidence, feeling grounded, and dealing with conflict.

Spiritual/emotional signs that there may be an imbalance of the root chakra include anger issues, fear, insecurities, feeling ungrounded, abandonment issues, indecisiveness, depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias, and obsessions.

Physical signs that there may be an imbalance of the root chakra include weight issues, hemorrhoids, arthritis, constipation, lower back pain, and knee troubles.

Root Chakra Pendants